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Acquisition Management

What We Do


Acquius understands the importance of superior acquisition programs and how they play a major role in the Federal Government's mission. We have thorough knowledge of the federal government acquisition lifecycle and support process that provides outstanding support with our detailed management objectives to facilitate the completion of programs on time, within scope, and within budget. Acquius integrates project management disciplines with financial management, performance management, quality assurance, and training for unparalleled acquisition management. This helps customers define and manage the goals, requirements, timelines, risks, and interdependencies associated with an individual acquisition.


Acquius brings a full scope of knowledge and experience, from developing acquisition policies and strategies, mission requirements and initial concepts, to supporting large and small acquisitions across the federal government, streamlining procurement processes, or training acquisition professionals. We offer Acquisition Management solutions and expertise across the entire acquisition lifecycle from planning through contract closeout​.

Program Areas & Services


Adhering to Federal Acquisition and agency regulations, Acquius contract specialists swiftly and accurately source, evaluate, and support the award of agency procurements. Our staff are experienced on a multitude of procurement systems and understand the management of client’s Acquisition, Business, and Training programs as they evolve in a dynamic environment. Our management support assists in developing, implementing, and tracking enterprise-level acquisition and contracting programs. Acquius helps agencies across the government develop, or refine acquisition strategies and policies that will ensure government funds are spent wisely. Our expert staff specializes in ensuring an organization’s contracting function meet audit dictations, writing new policy to handle the adapting forms of contracting, and ensures existing policy meets regulatory compliance. It is our goal to help the government achieve its mission in the acquisition management process. Our services include:

  • Drafting performance based acquisitions

  • Advanced Acquisition Planning and Execution

  • PALT Management

  • Conducting market research

  • Performing pre-award, award, and post-award support

  • Conducting source selection assistance

  • Performing contract management support

  • Strategic sourcing

  • Deliverables management

  • Acquisition reform

  • Best practices

  • Invoice Management

  • Audit, policy and oversight support

  • COR training and assistance

  • Period of Performance management

  • Risk mitigation

  • Performance based service acquisitions

  • Streamlining acquisition processes and strengthening management controls

  • Analyzing acquisition

  • Supporting procurement and source selection

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